Esports at the Olympic Games

Technology rapidly evolving means that we all experience new things in our lives. Some people get to live thanks to new technology, to live lives which were impossible prior to the invention of such technology. Computers made the world a better place, a place which can now give plenty of people more job opportunities. Working on a computer, online or offline, means that people can now earn money thanks to technology. The internet has not only enabled us to enjoy stuff like Bet Bonus but it has also opened many doors, like that of esports. Esports represents electronic sports, or rather, video games played on a professional level. With esports becoming so popular during the 2010s, the Olympic Committee has started taking notice and considering esports as part of the Olympic Games. Has any decision been reached yet?

Esports as Sports in General

Some people would argue that esports is not sports. Those people would use arguments that sports require an athletic ability to be displayed and that sitting in a chair and pressing buttons is not considered athletic. Those people would also be wrong. Esports athletes can get tired and suffer injuries just like any other athlete. Their injuries are often of the wrists, them being the most endangered part of their bodies, suffering the most out of all the other body parts.

Esports is every bit a sports activity as any other sport is. There is a very clear level of performance gap which can be observed between amateurs and professionals. Leisure video game performances are vastly different to professional competitive levels of performance. Esporsts athletes have coaches, physical and mental coaches, not to mention entire teams around them. Esports is a sport just like physical sport, and so says the Olympic Committee, as well.

The Olympic Committee – Esports to Be Eventually Introduced as a Part of the Olympics

The Olympics are very specific when it comes to their rules and the rules of participating sports. In order for a sport to be a Olympic sport, it mustn’t be violent and lead to the injuries and even deaths of other athletes. This is where the concern with video games kicks in. Some very popular titles like CS: GO, League of Legends, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six, not to mention Mortal Kombat, are all violent games which feature the deaths and injuries of others. This is against the code of the Olympics. Until games solve their violent gameplay, many of them will not be making it into the Olympics.

2020 Tryouts

Prior to the Summer Olympic Games of 2020, an event called the Intel World Open championship. It will be just prior to the Summer Olympics and it will basically serve as an opening act to the Olympics. This is a step in the right direction, because more esports titles being featured next to large events will eventually lead to the introduction to the Olympic Games.

The Olympic Committee will eventually be introducing esports titles into their repertoire of sports.The world is ready for more esports competitions, especially in the Olympics.

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