Best Unique Gifts for Geeks

If you know a geek or are one, you know that getting a gift that is personalized means a lot more than something generic. However, there is the ever-present problem of getting a gift to someone you don’t really know. Luckily gift shops, whether online or offline, as well as official merchandisers have a ton of cool things you can give to your geeky friends.

Clocky –Alarm Clock on Wheels

Heavy sleepers are often faced with waking up much later than they’ve anticipated, trying really hard to remember where they are, only to discover that they have, somehow, managed to turn their very loud alarm clock and not remember it. Enter Clocky, the alarm clock that will give you a run for your money – literally. The alarm clock has wheels and it turns and runs away, forcing you to chase it down to make the incessant beeping stop.

Rick and Morty T-Shirts

There are many different Rick and Morty T-shirts and while Pickle Rick and Get Schwifty have been done to death, there are a few gems here and there, like “I’m Sorry But Your Opinion Means Very Little to Me”. They are great if you are a fan of the show, but we wouldn’t recommend it otherwise.

Game of Thrones – The Iron Throne Bookend

Okay, so Season 8 was a disaster and there is no telling when we’ll see the conclusion of the books, but the Song of Ice and Fire has been a part of our lives for a long time, amassing fans around the world. Someone who appreciates the books or the show may be happy with a bookend that is the replica of the Iron Throne. It is worth mentioning that there’s a ton of official GoT merch, but we would go for either this or a keychain with your preferred house.

Anti-Stress Squeezers

Any unconventional anti-stress ball or toy will do here. There is a wide variety, including keyboard buttons, brains, emojis, toy animals, eggs, and a few of the risqué persuasion. They are great for relieving stress and bringing a smile to your face whenever you enter a room. Depending on the manufacturer and the model, they can withstand different levels of abuse, so be careful when choosing.

Thor’s Hammer Tool Set

How awesome is Thor’s hammer? For that extra level of awesomeness, we present Thor’s Hammer Tool Set. It’s compact, it’s tough, and it has different sets of tools, depending on the manufacturer. This isn’t a toolbox a contractor would bring to a job, but a geek that’s handy with tools is gonna love it.

Transformers Ravage USB Flash Memory

You can be for Autobots, but you can’t deny that some Decepticons are cool, including Ravage. What if we told you that you could get Ravage as a USB Flash memory? Different memory sticks have different capacities, but they all have one thing in common – when you are not using the memory, you can transform it into his panther form. It seems fitting for Ravage to be in his role as he was once one of Decepticon Mini-Cassettes, a spy that could record things as an audio cassette. If you don’t know what an audio cassette is, congrats, you’ve made us feel old.

Author: TechCrew