Sony PlayStation VR – Is it Worth Purchasing?

Sony has been a leader in technology development in multiple parts of the industry – just like เบท365 รหัสโบนัส is an incredibly big name in the casino industry, or FIFA in both sports and gaming industry. Sony makes everything from camera sensors, lenses, to TV and mobile phone screens, to amazing audio devices like headphones. They also make video game consoles, namely the PlayStation series, which we all adore. But, there have been entries like the PlayStation VR, which people have had conflicting feelings and thoughts over. So, should you buy the PlayStation VR, especially with the PlayStation 5 on the way, its specifications already known to us? It depends, and here is what you should consider before pulling the trigger.

VR Content – What Do You Expect From It?

VR content is limited in number and quality. You can’t expect to have high quality content when the technology is still not good enough to support high quality games without making people sick. However, for the PlayStation VR, titles are optimized so that you get the best possible experience from it, without having to visit the bathroom. The quality of content, however, is not up to the standard of things you would get on the PC, for example, where you can purchase really expensive hardware to get the best possible gaming experience, without compromise. It is looking up for console lovers, however, with PS5 on the horizon.

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PlayStation 5 – A Game Changer

With new hardware from AMD, custom built to fit into a compact form of the PlayStation 5 console, you will be able to experience video games in a much higher quality. Some games you will be able to experience at 144Hz refresh rate, which is a huge improvement over 60Hz, not to mention that the frame times will be better. Add to that higher resolutions and you have quite a package in a small format, for not that big of a price. The best news is that the PlayStation VR gear will be able to work with both PS4, which is currently on the market, and the upcoming PS5 consoles. 

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Choose Your Path

The best thing you can do is ask yourself whether you want to play VR games and whether you want to watch content in VR, and whether that content will be available on your console of choice. You still need a PlayStation console, whether a 4 or 5 will be up to you. The best thing you can ask yourself is whether you actually need a VR headset. For most people, a basic screen would be perfect. 

Purchasing the SonyPlaystation VR might be the right choice for you, if you know which content you want to play/watch on the PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles. Do your research and then make a purchase!

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